Trading Strategies

Popular Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Bitcoin trading is all the rage, as the currency is reaching new highs. You can manage your crypto assets and make a profit in a variety of ways. Before learning about the most common strategies, accept the risks. Despite its popularity, Bitcoin is still highly unstable. Skepticism should not prevent you from taking action altogether, but precautions are necessary. 

Most market experts admit there is no universal recipe for success. One thing is certain: without a plan, your assets are likely to vanish quickly. If you have little or no experience trading Bitcoin, consider these famous methods. Please note that they are described for illustrative purposes only — we do not give any advice.  read more 
How to Prepare

How to Prepare for Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading is booming. As the currency is gaining value, more and more investors are joining in. Success does not come to everyone, though. Sharp changes could work for or against you. Here are five key insights from experts. 

Learn About Market Drivers

The price of BTC is moved by a range of factors. First, the restricted supply: the number of coins in circulation is capped at 21 million. This is how many Bitcoins will ever be available on the market. The limit is projected to be reached in over a century. As the supply is limited, increased demand entails a price hike.  read more 

Top 6 Exchanges for Bitcoin Trading

Buying and selling cryptocurrency is easier than ever. Here are six platforms that will meet your needs. They offer multiple instruments, efficient support, and smooth payments. In 2021, these are the strongest contenders in the Digital Currency Exchange (DCU) category. 


This platform has a spectacular presence: over 100 countries recognize Coinbase. Here, you may buy, sell, exchange, and even store your coins. The majority of assets are kept in an offline location, which is a crucial security measure. Whether you trade daily, weekly, or monthly, scheduling is easy. Through mobile apps, you can work from any iOS or Android device.  read more 
How to Protect

How to Protect Investment to Focus on Bitcoin Trading

Since the beginning of 2021, the value of Bitcoin has almost doubled. Obviously, the boom is not over. More and more investors are buying BTC, but it is still notoriously volatile. Experts have different opinions about the future of cryptocurrencies. Despite the soaring popularity, a reversal is always possible. 

Traders need to protect what they have. Those who fail to do it expose themselves to excessive risk. There are different ways to keep losses in check. Here are three proven methods.

  read more 

Top 5 Rules for Trading Bitcoin Using a Credit Card

Many famous BTC exchanges reject credit cards, and this is a big hurdle. Banks impose their own restrictions, too. So, is there a way to buy BTC using a credit card? It is feasible, but the methods are far from perfect. Here are 5 key tips.

Be Aware of Restrictions

Check that both parties — the exchange and the bank — allow such transactions. On major platforms like Coinbase, they are impossible. Meanwhile, services like accept only Visa and Mastercard. Even if the platform accepts your card, the bank may prevent you from using it anyway.  read more